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It’s Spring in Maine, get outside.  It’s time to revive the senses: watch, enjoy, taste, listen, play, reflect or participate in all the state has to offer before everyone else arrives. The sap is flowing so visit a maple syrup farm and see how it’s made; taste it. Watch the gardens and farms awaken.   Follow the wine trail or make your own beer trail.  Eat something.  There’s chowder: clam, fish, seafood, or the old standby corn.  There’s mac and cheese, the Maine way, with lobster. Try it.  Go to a state park or Acadia.  Do something.   Take a hike or a leisurely walk.  There are trails and roads less traveled.   Go kayaking in the ocean.  Try not to get wet, it will be cold, but roaring campfires take care of that.  Look for wildlife.  Moose count, blackflies do not.   Look at stuff, take a picture of it.  Share it on Facebook if you feel the need to gloat.  Find music, or a festival or a community event and join in.  Learn something; how to kayak or fish or raise a goat.  Look up.  Maybe there will be a float planes over head or hot air balloons.  Maybe not, but there will always be more stars than you can count and if you are really lucky, the most astonishing full moons.   

Summer is when the midcoast really ramps it up.  It’s all about ME.  Time to make some tough choices between competing events, music, gourmet food, down home diners, lobster shacks, art and artists, windjammer cruises, church dinners and on and on and on. Make sure you do your research because you will have to set your priorities.  Although there is always next year.  

Fall or thereabouts
You may think Maine is all about the leaves in the Fall.  It is and it isn't. Yes, you must see the leaves.  They are incredible and should be high on your list, but don't get so caught up in the leaves you miss everything else. There is the annual sea plane fly–in in Greenville and the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity.  October also provides a more acceptable rationale for drinking greater quantities of Maine’s many impressive beers or looking ridiculous in Halloween attire.  Now put these events, and others; and the mountains and the hills; and the blueberry fields; and the long standing New England houses and barns with their stone walls; and the ocean, streams and lakes against the backdrop of the most colorful season and make some Maine memories.